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Latest News from Rev Daniel Kane at West

Returning to Church Services at West

It is our intention to do this Slowly and Safely. It is envisaged that our first church gathering will take place in mid-August 2020. We will be led by the Health and Safety Committee when they consider that all the necessary measures are in place. The commencement of organisational activities will have to be authorised and signed off by Session as a whole. This could proove to be a lengthy process which will possibly not begin until January 2021. Further updates will be posted on the Website as we have the details for you.

Facebook Live Feed every Sunday Morning.

May I encourage you to continue to gather around your computer, tablet, phone, etc on Sunday mornings at 10.00am as usual and we will do virtual Church together (in order to do this people must "like" the West Church Ballymena facebook page on their own facebook account).

Either Linda or myself will lead a short act of worship which we can all join with from the comfort of our own homes. We are also aware that not everyone is on Social Media so we want to make DVD/CD's as widely available as possible so please contact the Church Office 028 2564 8327 to give your details or e-mail westchurch.ballymena@btinternet.com.

Remember past and current sermons are uploaded weekly onto our website for you and any of your friends to listen to when you choose. There is no shortage of sermons to go back on and catch up on - Happy Listening!

Pastoral Care

Hospital visits are now back in place for family members. However other regular pastoral visits have been suspended for the time being, so the best way to keep in touch is by phone, WhatsApp and other electronic means. The first point of contact in this regard should be the elder to whose district you have been assigned and they will be in touch with you in the next few days. This will be a hugely important way of keeping in touch. In the sad event of there being a funeral by necessity it will stll have to be strictly private with no Church service for the meantime. we will update you on that whenever things change.

e-mail Addresses Keep Them Coming Please!

In order to keep contact flowing as smoothly as possible within the congregation and to give each other as much access as possible to news, information, worship and prayer - we need your assistance in collating e-mail addresses. We need to hear from every member of the West Church congregation who has a current live e-mail address. This will give us the opportunity to update our church database and change any addresses that have become obselete, over time, and add new ones to the system. Members Only please send your current e-mail addresses to westchurch.ballymena@btinternet.com over this next few weeks.

Help4you - Community Service

Linda Keys co-ordinates a group of volunteers who are willing to assist anyone who is self-isolating and requires shopping, DVD's or CD's of the Sunday Services, medication and other messages to be dropped at your doorstep. This service has prooved to be invaluable to those who are unable to leave their homes at this time. A very BIG thank you to all the helpers who have been delivering shopping, DVD's and CD's and prescriptions to those in need. Please contact Linda directly on 07799100444.

Hamper Ministry - Bags for Life

Once again A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed so generously to our Hamper Ministry during these last few months and hopefully that will continue in the next months ahead! Many of our church members and our neighbours, townsfolk and our friends are going through extraordinary tough financial times in this Lockdown period and are in desparate need of food to sustain their families. We know the number of people who will be affected by the uncertain economic changes in our world will only be on the increase in the coming weeks. If you know of someone or a family either belonging to the church or not, who needs a bit of help or support during this time, please let us know so we can reach out to them in a small way with this ministry. In order to deliver this food safely and hygenically to everyone, we are asking for anyone who has a spare Bag(s) for Life - to please drop it (them) off to the church - leaving them in the shopping basket that is placed outside the church at the Court House side door. During Office hours (9.15am -2.15pm Tuesday to Friday). Thank You.


We have IGNITE on Zoom every second Tuesday of each month. Please join us if you can and don't be shy about asking for technical help, contact the office for the details of the link - during Office hours (9.15am to 2.15pm) (028 2564 8327). The porgramme is listed below for July 2020. If you need a copy of the New Testament Bible for this series they are still available at a cost of £5.00 from the Office.


TUESDAY 14TH JULY - Come prepared with your notebooks and colouring in pencils or felt tip pens - Rev Linda Keys is going to be the Taskmaster for the evening!!

ZOOM Prayer Groups are held in the weeks in between Ignite

To compliment and encourage everyone, in the weeks between IGNITE sessions, IGNITE prayer groups have been set up, under the management of Linda Keys. If you are not currently involved in a Prayer Triplet but would like to meet through Zoom with like minded prayer warriors throughout this Covid19 pandemic, please contact Linda Keys (07799100444), or Daniel Kane (028 2565 3111) or Patricia at the Office (028 2564 8327), with your e-mail details and you will be advised on the details that will permit you to join the Zoom meetings when they take place.

Prayer Ministry

The love we have for one another in Christ is expressed through prayer which is our best weapon to fight against this coronavirus and our individual anxieties and concerns going forward. Please use the prayer email at westprayer@hotmail.co.uk.

Emergency Prayer Line 07544833501

On-line Support

There are lots of really good websites and youtube videos which you can use to encourage your spirit and nourish your walk with the Lord. Desi Maxwell's material is available to everyone free of charge at http://xploretheyoke.com/membership-acco.../membership-levels/ Don't forget the joy of reading a good book!!!

This is a time for us as followers of the risen Lord to speak faith into the fear and reassurance into the uncertainty.

And don't forget - "Together we are West."

All notices for the bulletin and website must be with the office by Wednesday at 6.00 pm.